I’m Saifullah Nadwi: A Freelancer, making your office work efficient and seamless.

Offering precise and professional solutions in data entry, typing, editing, proofreading, and design. Bilingual proficiency in Arabic and English. Your reliable partner for outstanding results.

My Services

Data Entry & Typing

Data Entry, Typing and PDF Conversion (Arabic & English)

As a freelancer, I specialize in accurate data entry, efficient PDF conversion, and bilingual support (Arabic and English). Let me handle your projects with precision and professionalism.

Some of the specific services I offer include:


  • Data entry & Typing: I am skilled in accurately and efficiently entering data into various formats, including Word, Excel and Google Sheets.
  • PDF to Word and Excel conversion: I can convert PDF documents into Word and Excel spreadsheets, ensuring that all data is accurately transferred and formatted correctly.
  • PDF to Google Sheets conversion: I can also convert PDF documents into Google Sheets, making it easy for clients to access and edit their data online.
  • PDF conversion: In addition to converting PDF documents into other formats, I also offer standard PDF conversion services, including converting Word documents to PDF and vice versa.

Book Layout, Formatting & Typesetting

Book Formatting in Arabic and English, layout design, and Typesetting

Are you an author looking to get your book properly formatted and ready for publishing? Look no further! I am a skilled and experienced book formatting specialist, offering professional formatting services for both Arabic and English books.

With my services, you can expect:

  • Clean and consistent formatting that adheres to industry standards
  • Proper use of headings, subheadings, and other formatting elements to make your book easy to read and navigate
  • Compatibility with all major ebook platforms, including Kindle and Nook
  • Quick turnaround time and unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied with the final product

Don’t let poor formatting hold your book back from reaching its full potential. Let me help you make a great first impression on your readers. Order now and get your book ready for publishing!

Book Cover Design

Arabic, English and Islamic Book Cover Design

I will also design a high quality book cover for you in Arabic and English, as well as Islamic book cover design.

With my services, you can expect:

    • High-quality work
    • Each cover is unique and creative
    • Elegant and luxurious colors
    • Timely delivery

    If you have any questions please contact me.

PPT Design

PowerPoint Presentation Design in Arabic and English

Thank you for considering me for creating professional Arabic and English PowerPoint Presentations. As a skilled freelancer, I am dedicated to delivering high-quality, customized presentations that are innovative and unique.

When you choose my Service, you can expect the following services:

  • PROFESSIONAL ARABIC & ENGLISH POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS: I will create a professional, visually appealing PowerPoint presentation in Arabic and English that meets your specific needs and goals.
  • EFFECTS & TRANSITIONS INCLUDED: I will include a variety of effects and transitions to make your presentation more dynamic and engaging.
  • INSIDE GRAPHICS, ILLUSTRATIONS, AND IMAGE MANIPULATION INCLUDED: I will include inside graphics, illustrations, and image manipulations to enhance the visual appeal of your presentation.

I take pride in my work and strive to deliver top-quality presentations that exceed your expectations. I am always happy to make any necessary revisions to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final product. 

Thank you for considering my services and I look forward to working with you on your project.

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Book Cover Design

Arabic Book Formatting & Typesetting

Arabic Book Design

Arabic Typing

Arabic PPT Design

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